Virtual Exterior Renovation

$50.00 $19.99 Per Image

The House exterior is the first thing your buyers see, Show them what a beautiful house it is!

  • Send your exteriour image
  • We will clean the image
  • Color the house
  • Replace and stage the house from the outside
  • Up to 3 business days delivery

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Virtual Exterior Renovation is an amazing service to show the true potential of your house exterior to your potential buyers. This service will take any image you provide and turn it to a dream home. Exterior paint, renovate the porch and stage it, replace windows or visualize breathtaking door. No more old house from the outside, virtually renovate your house and inspire your buyers.

There have been so many questions about the virtual renderings I’ve been sharing during our exterior renovation. I’m a strong believer that “visualizing” something can go a long way in making big decisions. The renderings I received helped me in feeling confident about making the big decision to paint our brick. If you’re not familiar with Brick & Batten, they are an online design service that specialized in exterior renovations.

The entire process was very straightforward. I snapped a few photos of my house, filled out a questionnaire, and bam… a new house was delivered to my inbox in about a week!

Let’s take a look at some of the photos I sent in. This is the main photo of the front of our home. The instructions asked for minimal clutter or obstructions so they could accurately mock up a new design discover more click here.