Virtual Elements Removal

$30.00 $13.99 Per Image

Images of occupied houses can sometimes look like a mess, making them look nice – it only a few clicks away!

  • Submit your image as-is.
  • Unwanted objects will be removed
  • Image lighting will be improved
  • Up to 3 business days delivery

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Virtual Elements Removal is a service we gave to our costumers to remove elements from your property images – so your house will look amazing.

There are multiple processes during virtual home staging, one of them is really recommended and called Elements Removal. Through this service, we eliminate the unwanted objects that looks bad, or not contribute to showcasing the property. This also includes virtually removing objects from walls, tables, desks, and counters.

Some houses are not vacant clear and empty, tenants live there and you have work with what you have. Removing elements like books and pictures from shelves, or children’s toys so that the room will look clean, organized, and spacey.