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Virtual Staging

Virtual staging is an amazing service allowing you to show your potential buyers the true potential of your property, without spending funds on renovating, painting, landscaping, or staging the house.

Simply take images of the property as is – and leave the rest to our team.

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Virtual Renovation

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Place your order now. Get your property virtual staged within 48 hours.

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Virtual Elements Removal

Houses are places for people and not all properties are vecant, dont let cluttery rooms, with un-stylish furniture to ruin your sale!

Take the images as the property is, and leave the rest to us. we will make sure no tenant item will affect your sale!


Our image improvement services start from $9.99 USD per image for high volume relators

Check our services for specific service pricing – orders of 5 images or more get 20% discount automatically. 

You can do all the photography with you regular cellphone, Yet results may vary upon the image quality.

If you are looking for professional photographer in your area – contact us and we will send you one.

Here are some recommendations to achieve best results:

– Photos should be taken horizontally with the camera held level at 4-5 feet (chest level) above the floor, with a nice mix of floor and ceiling in the shot

– Photograph your property during daytime to maximize natural lighting in your rooms. Minimize use of flash photography.

– Higher resolution photos are preferable (over 2000 pixel width). We are still able to work with lower resolutions if higher resolutions are not available.

You can do all the photography with you regular cellphone, Yet results may vary upon the image quality.

Absolutely, and much more than that. check our services.

We can stage any room / area you can think of including but not limited to:

  • Any Living room
  • Any bedroom
  • Any Kitchen
  • Any full / half Bathroom
  • Any Garage
  • Pools
  • Virtual landscape any Backyard
  • Virtual landscape Front yard
  • Any Mud Room
  • Any Laundry Room
  • Office
Just take the image, and leave it to us.

Our average time for delivery is 3 business days, Note that in current Covid-19 times service may delay up to a 7 business days.

Yes! When you upload your photos, you will be asked to select a design, and give us your thought of how you want us to do the improvement.

Currently, we offer 8 design for you to choose from: Contemporary, Glam, Scandinavian, Farmhouse, Modern, Traditional, Industrial and Coastal, You can view our catalog here.

You can also provide us with special instructions how you need your furniture to be staged.

While we try to accommodate to the design and special instructions, note that we do not guarantee exact results.

Staged homes sell faster and for higher value
Virtual staging / remodeling substantially increase the interest in your property...